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  • Voiceprint

    I'm a full time working musician and the voiceprint has been both great sounding and reliable.

    I was wondering in a future update if it would be possible to add an additional band or two to the EQ section. That would really help in fine tuning for certain rooms and PAs.I sometimes seem to run out of bands since I'm using 2 for low and high pass filters. That leaves me with 5 for the real fine tuning. Also,an even more narrow Q on both the general EQ and feedback section would be helpful.I have one room where there's feedback on the G at 196hz but the F# and G# are fine. A even narrower Q might might be really beneficial there.

    Thanks for the great product!

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    There has been some on-and-off discussion about being able to add and subtract bands in the EQ, but we haven't landed on anything definite.

    Have you tried using the VP EQ in the VP module in addition to the EQ module? The VP EQ only affects the Voiceprint, so you have to use a higher blend % in order to hear it. If you use 80% blend or more, you should be able to use the VP EQ and get an entire additional EQ section.


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      In addition to the 10 fully parametric bands, you have three notches in the feedback section that can be manually set.


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        I do use the both the VP EQ and the overall EQ and do use the notches in the feedback section. An option to add and subtract bands would be an amazing addition. I hope it pans out. Thanks!