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  • Voiceprint firmware update

    I bought the voiceprint a couple years ago and haven’t used it in at least a year and a half. At the time I thought I was getting better sound from my venue di. I’m going to give it another try and it looks like the pedal needs a firmware update. Do I have to do that on computer? Also is it easy to do?

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    If the app is saying that there's a firmware update available right now, it's likely a simply Bluetooth update that can be done in the app itself.

    Once that update is done, you'll likely need to do a Bluetooth reset on the pedal and in your phone before you can reconnect. If you follow the steps below after the update, you should be good to go.

    Step 1) Reset the pedal connection.
    On the pedal, press and hold the Voice and Pad for three seconds. The display should say Bond, CLR, Pass. If the display doesn't say Pass, repeat step 1 or unplug the pedal power and repeat step 1.

    Step 2) Reset the phone connection.
    Go into your phone's Bluetooth settings (Settings> Bluetooth). Under "My Devices" find the VPDI and select the "I" icon, and then "Forget This Device".

    Step 3) Reconnect.
    Force-close the AcousticLive app and reopen it. Press and Hold the Voice button on the VPDI to get a new pairing code. Enter the new pairing code into the app for a fresh connection.​


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      I bought an older Voiceprint DI (v1.0) and an firmware update is required. Link: does not exist, updating via iPhone freezes. What can I do?​



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        Hey Tom,
        There isn't currently a firmware update available, aside from a Bluetooth module update that is done through the phone. We should have a full update available in the next few months.

        Were you able to complete the Bluetooth update (if that's what came up as an option)?


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          Hi Caleb,
          another user (Kitarist) posted a photo with version 1.2
          In the Acoustic Live App (v 1.0.13) in the settings I had two updates - BT and Pedal. BT update went well but Pedal update fails...​
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            There isn't an update for the pedal at this time. I'll have to talk to our app team and figure out why that message is popping up.

            Sorry about the confusion. V1.2 on the pedal is the current version.


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              I have v1.0 on my pedal so how can I update?


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                So this is a little confusing because the original run of VPDI's says V1, while the second run of VPDI's says V1.2. They are both technically up to date with the current Firmware, and both will update to V1.3 when the next update is released. The two different runs were designated like that so we could easily track them.

                The basic answer is, all VPDI's that are out in the world have the current Firmware until V1.3 is available.