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VP from a Ukulele Bass with Solid Body

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  • VP from a Ukulele Bass with Solid Body

    I am trying to record direct bass with VP using a solid body bass with gigantic polymer strings. The instrument has a distinct upright vibe to it. I don’t have access to a double bass to make an IR from so I have been experimenting with different acoustic stringed instruments. I have considered a piece of furniture like an empty dresser for the bridge taps. Any creative suggestions?

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    Hey Mat,
    I wonder how well a sampled recording would work. If you could find some Upright bass samples on YouTube or elsewhere and record that into the VP over some high-quality speakers. You'd only be recording half of the equation by not recording the pickup into the VPDI, but this is highly experimental anyway.

    Just an idea.

    It's an interesting direction for sure.


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      Thanks Caleb, that is a great suggestion. I was also thinking about using an empty birch 112 cab and taping on the soundboard with a contact piezo stuck to it. I think you may have the solution though. I can even pick my fav bass player! The low cut filter really helps get closer to the response. If I could find a 3rd party IR I could play the wav file through a cab and use VP to grab it. Thanks