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Question RE: Pairing with additional Phones

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  • Question RE: Pairing with additional Phones

    Hello, I am lending my VPDI to a friend. Rather than just setting everything up on my phone, I wanted to let them have full-control of the app from their phone. What happens if I paid their phone to my VPDI?

    1. Will all presets previously saved on pedal remain?
    2. Can only 1 phone be paired to the pedal at one time? If I want to pair my phone again, they will lose connection on their phone?

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    Hey Plee822,
    You can connect multiple phones/devices to a VPDI. The presets in the pedal will always be stored in the pedal, no matter what phone is connected to. Your friend will just need to download the app and connect using the same pairing code. Your phone will need to be out of the room or have Bluetooth off in order for a second device to connect.

    If you want to be extra cautious, you can always back up your pedal presets to your phone as a playlist by going into the Settings menu and selecting "Save As New Playlist".


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      That’s great to hear Caleb. Would me having the app closed (exited and closed out in background) suffice or does the pedal connect to my phone even if the app has not been opened?


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        I'm pretty sure you can just have the app closed out completely. As long as your phone isn't an option to connect to, the app will allow the other device to pair.