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  • App crash

    The app seems to easily crash on my new phone (13 Pro Max). If I try to copy a preset from the phone to a playlist, it will crash every time. Copying presets from the [I]pedal[/I] to a playlist seemed to work fine, though.

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    That's odd...

    I assume you've closed the app or restarted your phone and are still having the same issue. Is that right?

    I haven't seen major app crashing issues yet. I'll have to try and reproduce it.


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      Just rebooted the phone. No difference.

      I just tried copying from the phone library to a playlist WITHOUT being connected to the pedal. That worked fine. As soon as I connect to the pedal and try the same, crash. The crash happens the moment I chose an empty slot in the playlist.


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        I talked with our engineering team and they asked if you could go into the Settings menu in the app and send an email to the developer/support via the app. Doing this allows us to see your phone's iOS version, app version, etc., so we can try to reproduce the issue and get it fixed. Apple's new iOS caused some bugs, which we thought we'd completely dealt with. This seems to be something that we may have missed.

        If you can send a message to us through the app, we'll get on it and address the issue ASAP!

        One more piece of info, are the presets that you're loading in new or older?


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          I've tried different presets, old and new. Can't copy any of them from the phone library to playlist while being connected to the pedal.

          Just sent an email from the app!


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            I was just informed that we just launched an update to fix this issue this morning. If you don't mind updating and testing this out again, I'd love to hear if it solves the problem for you.

            Thanks again for bringing this to our attention.


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              Yeah, solved :cool: