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  • Path to custom files


    I have not found a manual or user instructions for the app. Where are custom patch files saved on the Android, please? Specifically, the path?


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    The pedal/app does not include any presets out of the box. You need to create a new preset in order to use the EQ, anti-FB, and Level controls. If you create a new Voiceprint, you'll have access to all of those features in addition to the Voiceprint controls.

    Once you create a new Voiceprint or preset, you can view and edit them on the Preset page in the app.


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      I see.

      So, how do I back them up from my phone device? They are configuration files, yes?


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        Here's a video that shows how to manage the presets.

        The best way to backup your presets to your phone is to go into the Settings menu and hit "Save As Playlist", which takes all of the presets on your pedal and saves them into a playlist on your phone.


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          Thanks for the reply.

          A playlist is a shortcut-link-reference to a physical file. Only having files on a VPDI or phone does not accomplish a backup of the data used to configure the VPDI. This is a design weakness. Granted, I could have multiple phones for a single VPDI but this is not feasible.

          It is much safer to move physical files off the phone for a backup strategy. Since this is not an option, then I am not sure I can invest myself in the VPDI for a technology option.



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            We are hoping to implement additional backup options as we continue to develop the app. For right now, the only options are to keep the files in the app or on the pedal.


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              OK, I understand. However, I cannot proceed with the VPDI until there are other backup options available.

              I lost gear more than once by theft. So, losing the phone and VPDI at the same time is a catastrophic outage.

              Also, the ability to share patches with friends is a big selling point.

              Finally, the freedom to travel without carrying a rig. Have the gear travel ahead of me, load my configuration files to test the gear before the gig, then play the gig knowing the gear works well in advance of needing it.