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Arranging presets and backup

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  • Arranging presets and backup

    Please give us a way of arranging presets and also a way to backup our presets and voiceprints.

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    Hey thirdie2002,
    There are a few ways to rearrange your presets through the Preset Library. On the bottom of the app, tapping on the Presets tab will let you see the presets that you have saved on the pedal and on your phone. Any time you create a new preset, your preset will also be saved onto the phone. You can also backup any preset to the phone at any time by pressing on the three dots next to the preset name.

    Hopefully, I will get to make a video that goes into greater detail, but the Playlist options that you can create in the phone library are very helpful. You can create playlists for different guitars or different songs and then load those playlists into the pedal depending on the guitars/songs that you need for the gig.

    If you go into the Settings Tab on the bottom-right, you can easily save all of the presets on your pedal into a single Playlist on the phone, effectively backing up your existing presets.


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      Does this backup preset method (save as new playlist) backup the actual voiceprint as well? I'm still losing the occasional VP when saving for some unknown reason.


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        Yes, when you Save As New Playlist, it saves all the presets on your pedal to the phone. Each preset that has a Vouiceprint in it will also have the VP backed up.