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Acoustic Live App on Apple M1

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  • Acoustic Live App on Apple M1


    I was wondering if anyone has tried to use the Acoustic Live App on a new M1 Apple laptop or Mac Mini?

    Apparently mobile apps are supposed to work on apple desktops/laptops running Big Sur.

    If anyone has tried it please let us know? This might open up another range of possibilities.



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    I didn't know about that. I'll have to look into it.


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      I have just bought an M1 Mac Mini so I’m looking forward to trying this out when it arrives in a few weeks time : )


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        I looked into it and it seems like only certain apps are available. This could be an avenue for future development though.


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          I got my M1 Mac Mini so downloaded the AcousticLive App just to see what would happen. Everything installed (see pictures) but bluetooth asked for a six digit code instead of a four digit one. My BT code is 5561 so I tried 556100 then 5561spacespace but unfortunately it did not connect.

          I added some pictures of the process just out of interest.

          This would be amazing to see working on a desktop.

          Kind regards

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            Thanks for sharing! That is very interesting. I will pass this on to our team and see if this is something we can work with.


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              OMG!!! As Always I spoke too soon lol. Todays update 6th May 2021 has the Voiceprint app working on an M1 desktop : )

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                Wow! Are you able to use an audio interface to connect an external mic?


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                  I used an external mic with my iPad and the camera adapter kit. However, I think I am only able to get one mic working at a time. I was trying for two through RME TotalMix on iPad with a tube and a ribbon mic but I can only hear the tube coming through on the Voiceprint.

                  Regarding the M1 desktop, I must have botched that connection somehow as I am unable to connect a second time. I will keep trying but when I connected my BT code was 0000. I don't know how that happened as my previous code was 5561. Confused at the moment but will keep trying : )

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                    I thought I was going to make the first M1 VoicePrint but right at the very end... the process just hangs (See Photo) : )

                    When connecting to the pedal from the desktop Bluetooth asks for a six digit number. This is the four digit VoicePrint pairing code followed by spacebar twice.

                    I'm not sure if the Voiceprint is multi-channel input as I have only used one mic but having a multi-channel input would be awesome. The mic is going through my RME audio interface and then into TotalMix. The mic input signal shows up when making a Voiceprint.

                    Kind Regards

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                      That's some good into. Thanks for sharing!

                      When I messed around using multiple mics at the same time, I ran two mics into a mixer, and then sent the output of the mixer into my audio interface. It was complicated, but it worked. The results were good, but not mind-blowing.