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  • Advanced Voiceprint Creation

    With the most recent iOS update (1.0.8), I see that you guys added a few new features- one being the advanced VP creation. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet since I’m traveling but looking forward to experiment! Also, love the VP EQ module! This gives a lot of flexibility to the user based on our various needs. Thanks for giving us so much options and not keeping us locked into one method while keeping the UI simple and streamlined.

    Side note, I noticed stability of the iPhone app and the Apple Watch function has improved a whole lot. When the Apple Watch feature was first released, I noticed the watch would disconnect when I don’t touch it for a few seconds and need to relaunch the whole app. Now, it stays connected even when the iPhone app is not open. Great job guys! Please keep up the good work. I feel the value of this pedal is increasing with each update!

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    Hey plee822,
    Thanks for posting, and for the kind words. We should actually be releasing videos for the VP EQ and Advanced VP Creation in the next day or two. They're great features.

    It's really cool that you've noticed some of the smaller updates on your own. The watch staying connected with the phone off was a major improvement, but not one that most people would actually pay attention to.

    Thanks again!


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      Yeah. You and your team’s good work is being seen and appreciated! I bet it’s more than just me... The Apple Watch improvement, albeit “small” in your words, was a big one for me because if it wasn’t stable, I wouldn’t feel comfortable in using it in a live situation. Now it’s reliable and a game changer. Thanks!