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Does Voiceprint Need Compression / Other Effects

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  • Does Voiceprint Need Compression / Other Effects

    Hello all, I am considering a Voiceprint DI. I primarily perform at open mic situations, and as such, I want to be able to show up with only one "pedal", and my Taylor 12 string with an ES2.

    In the open mic environment, I am completely at the mercy of the house/ host with regards to the mixer and PA system I am plugging into.

    After trying the Venue, I found that I needed a compressor, and a reverb to get the most natural sound, but it still is hard to setup in a one minute or less soundcheck, in my 2-3 song situation. It looks like the Voiceprint might be the best thing for me to try, but I would like to know if any additional pedals are commonplace necessities for projecting a natural sounding tone to the house system. Otherwise I am looking at installing a Lyric in tandem with the ES2, and trying out the BOSS AD-10, which has pretty much everything I would ever need in one pedal, including stereo mixing onboard, for setting up the ES2 and the Lyric together. The AD-10, however does not have a phase inverter, which is one of my favorite features of the Venue.

    My desire is that the Voiceprint would allow me to ditch all compression and effects, and since the ES2 already has an active pre-amp, I could just go directly to the mixer. A battery capability would be nice, but I should be able to plug into a 1Spot, somewhere.

    Any thoughts on your experiences will be greatly appreciated.

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    in my lineup i have an ego compressor mini and since using the voiceprint i've not turned it on. admittedly, i'm having "issues" creating a good voiceprint, but that's because i'm a novice, learning as i go -- the compressor doesn't add to the sound it took a lot away so i just turned it off. don't know if that helps but that's been my experience.


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      I use a pedal board which is preset up with Session, Reverb, Chorus, Chromatic tuner and Voice print DI. They all work extremely well together and are easily adjusted for the sound you want. It’s important to power the VPDI separately with its own power source and apart from the daisy chain. Boss makes a pedal board that keeps all your pedals hooked together. I go to my gig, open the pedal board, plug it into a power source then into the amp and my guitar and 60 seconds I’m ready to go with all my settings preset. The VPDI was a complete game changer for me, people are amazed by the sound coming out of my instruments through VP.


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        If you need a compressor and reverb with the Venue then i still think you will need them with the voiceprint. What the voiceprint does is give your current tone a more mic like feel which you can further process with EQ. Though in future updates, they will add a multiband compressor like the one found in their session pedal.


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          The Voiceprint should drastically improve the tone of your pickup, but if you like compression and reverb, you will probably not be completely happy with the VPDI on its own. I LOVE reverb, even when you can barely hear it. So use the Align Reverb with my VPDI on my pedalboard. Sadly, the VPDI doesn't have the right kind of processor to implement a reverb in the pedal.


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            Well, my backordered Voiceprint arrived today!

            I haven’t done any EQ through the app yet, just on my mixer.

            The tone shaping I was previously doing with reverb and compression to try to create a resonance sound, is no longer necessary.

            So far, I think I have found the one and only pedal I need to get the natural sound at open mic night.

            Ill run it through the paces, but so far The Taylor 360 12 string with ES 2 is sounding incredible…. finally.


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              I took the VP to Open Mic Night on Thursday. It was perfect. Just one pedal, and super clean sound with the preset mid EQ selected. I turned down the base to about 5o’clock and the treble to 7’oclock on the Expression system pots.

              It really got noticed. Lots slow comments on the sound and a couple of people asked with great interest about the VP.


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                That's great to hear, Jim. Thanks for the update!