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Recommend Pickup to Work Well With Voiceprint

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  • Recommend Pickup to Work Well With Voiceprint

    I have an acoustic only Taylor dreadnought. What is the ideal pickup to install to work with the Voiceprint?

    The desire is to have only the Voiceprint on stage between guitar and mixer, with no other pedals.

    My thinking is the Element because it has a preamp already, and I wouldn’t need a microphone as well since the Voiceprint should compensate for any benefit a microphone would have provided, and not have to deal with any possibility of mic related feedback.


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    I installed the element into my Guild 12 string and it worked perfectly.


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      It works well with an undersaddle pickup. It works great with a sound board transducer. I have heard it also works well with magnetic and dual source pickups.


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        The Voiceprint works well with a good variety of pickups. If you like the punch of an undersaddle, the VPDI maintains some of that and drastically improves the tone. If you like the smoother feel of a soundboard pickup, that also comes across in the Voiceprint to some degree. If you prefer one kind of pickup already, then I would recommend using that kind of pickup with the Voiceprint DI.