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Notch control for VPDI?

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  • Notch control for VPDI?

    Hi Caleb,

    The VPDI does a great job of handling resonant guitar body feedback through the data collected by tapping, etc. during voiceprint creation for each instrument.
    I use two or three acoustic guitars at gigs and was previously using an LR Baggs equalizer for each guitar. Now with VPDI I have one pedal that stores all my presets - fantastic!

    The problem is with the microphonic feedback that sometimes comes from my anthem pickups. I'm really missing the ability to simply "notch this out" using a dial for live situations.

    Is there something already in the app - or in the works for the app for this issue- other than using the custom EQ feature (hard to do at a gig) to notch out an offending frequency that is coming from the microphone? Or perhaps another way to notch an offending frequency out? I usually try phase button first, but that does not always work with microphonic feedback.

    Would love to hear your feedback - haha!

    Danny Grasseschi

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    Hey Danny,
    We are working on a more advanced and precise notch for the app. For now, using the EQ with a narrow Q is the best way to use a manual Notch. In most cases, the phase and Anti-FB work well, but we know that a full/manual Notch is going to be necessary for some situations.