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Voiceprint recordings and iPhone 8

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  • Voiceprint recordings and iPhone 8

    Hi Caleb,
    I am having trouble getting a good voiceprint recording and I am wondering if it might be my phone. The volume is much quieter using the voiceprint vs. when I press bypass. (The pad is at 0 db) I have an iPhone 8 and it is pretty beat up. Is there an iPhone model that you have found works best with VPDI? Is there something else that I could try?

    Thanks- Danny

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    Hey Danny,
    As it is now, the Voiceprint is quieter than the bypassed signal. I've mentioned this to our development team, and they should be working on a way to get that evened out by default. So what you're experiencing isn't (or shouldn't be) related to your phone. We have a few people here at the shop with the iPhone 8, and as far as I know, it hasn't caused any issues. Until we can work out a better default setting in the app, using the VP Level control in the app should help you balance the VP and bypass signals.


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      That makes sense, thanks!