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Limitations of not having an iPhone

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  • Limitations of not having an iPhone

    Hey there, guys! I just wanted to know what are the limitations of not having an iPhone and using the VP without the App in a live situation.

    Look... my wife have an iPhone, so I could shape my sound in a way I like, and just leave the DI to my gigs. Would that work? The EQ and all settings I made on her phone, would be into the pedal, even without the phone?

    Thank you guys!

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    Hey Rodrigo,
    This is essentially what I do right now. I set up all of my settings on someone else's iPhone, and I use the VPDI without a phone connected most of the time that I play. The mixing board may need to make some small changes from room to room, but I am giving the sound guy a predictable sound every time.

    The controls on the pedal are also really helpful for certain situations too. Between the VP blend, the phase button (press the Anti-FB knob), and the Anti-FB, I've been able to get a great sound without using a phone all the time.