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going direct from Voiceprint into PA

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  • going direct from Voiceprint into PA

    i have a voiceprint, using it with a mandolin which has k&k twin passive pickup mounted under top of instrument, i was planning on going directly from voiceprint
    into a powered PA Head ( mackie 808s ) - from Mackie into passive speakers ( does the voiceprint need a preamp added, i didn't seem to get the power needed to pump the sound going direct from voiceprint )

    will also be playing thru a mixing board into powered speakers ( same question )

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    Hey wolfe,
    You should be able to get a good signal level from the DI on its own. You may just need to increase the Preset Level and VP Level in the app. That should give you quite a bit more level so you can easily interface directly with the mixer or PA head.