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  • Anthem with VPDI

    I am considering the VPDI for use with my Martin HD28 with Anthem pickup. They will mostly be used in a live setting with a band.
    Does anyone have any experience using this pickup with the VPDI and how well they work together?
    Also is this there anything to watch out for when using these two together?
    Thank you.
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    I use the VPDI with my Anthem SL on two guitars, but I've done a lot of work with the full Anthem too. The VPDI works great with the Anthem, on both the mic and pickup-only settings.

    It's a great combo!


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      Hi Caleb,
      The Anthem has a screwdriver adjustment for mic level control and the mix control knob for how blending the mic and pickup. At this time I like the settings of my Anthem.

      Will I need to change these settings when using the VPDI?
      Is there a recommended setting for the Anthem when using the Anthem with the VPDI?

      Thank you.


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        You shouldn't need to change anything before making a Voiceprint. I've found that using my favorite settings with the pickup gives me my best results with the Voiceprint.

        So, if you like more mic, more pickup, or something in between, use that as your starting point. Just remember that whatever settings you use on the pickup to make the VP will be what you need to use when you use that preset.