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voiceprint as an experimental convolver

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  • voiceprint as an experimental convolver

    i'm thinking on buying the Voiceprint. is it possible to use any arbitrary audio source for analysis, for experimental purposes? also, is it possible to have just wet signal from the pedal? thanks in advance!

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    Hey traffkin,
    The normal Voiceprint creation process is a little limited in how the data can be measured. However, we did just release (and will announce this week) the Advanced Voiceprint Creation process, which is much more open-ended as far as data gathering.

    With the Advanced process, you don't have a time limit or set number of steps for recording. So you could, for the sake of experimentation, measure a random audio source to see how it effects the VP. This could be done with or without pickup data, but I would imagine that having some pickup data would help to make the VP work better.

    There are so many possibilities here that it's not something I've personally gotten into in any depth.