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Voiceprint with Anthem SL Classical and Mandolin Radius Pickups

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  • Voiceprint with Anthem SL Classical and Mandolin Radius Pickups


    I was hoping someone can let me know how the Voiceprint will sound when using a Classical guitar which has an Anthem SL Classical pick up in.

    I also have a Radius pick up on my mandolin and was thinking of putting a pick up on my ukulele too.

    Would the Voiceprint work well with these set ups? All the information I've seen so far deals with Steel strung Acoustic guitars.

    If you can help, that'd be great.

    Also when is the Voiceprint going to be more readily available in the UK?


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    Hey jam05,
    Thanks for posting.

    You should be able to use the Advanced Voiceprint option in the app to make Voiceprints for both of those instruments.

    Someone actually just released a video where they made a Voiceprint for the Mandolin with pretty solid results:

    As for the availability, that largely depends on our distributors. Our UK distributor should have them available now. I don't think that the smaller shops are carrying it yet.


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      Thanks very much. So it’s good with nylon strings as well then? Sounds like it


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        Yes, it should work just fine. If anything, you might just need a little more EQ in the app to really dial in the best sound. That's easy enough though.


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          Brill! Thankyou.