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Press and hold Select knob to save changes?

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  • Press and hold Select knob to save changes?


    Loving the VPDI so far, but I'm confused about this note from the User Guide: "SELECT: A long press of this knob will save your current settings into the selected preset slot." I've tried this and it doesn't seem to work. I have two presets in my playlist. Let's say I'm in preset 0001 and I change the anti-feedback setting from, say, 50 to 75. Then I press and hold the Select knob to save that change. Then I click the Next button to select preset 0002. When I switch back to preset 0001, my anti-feedback setting reverts to 50, so it appears that the change was not saved.

    What am I missing?



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    Hey Josh,
    If you make changes to your preset and you want to save it using the pedal, you'll need to turn the select button a couple of notches until the display begins flashing. Then, select the preset you want to write over (or create a new preset in a new slot), and long-press. When the display says "SAVE" press the select button one more time.

    Currently, this will rename your preset to the name of the slot (ex. P008), but that is something that we are hoping to fix soon.

    I hope this helps.