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uploading saved iphone presets into a new pedal

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  • uploading saved iphone presets into a new pedal

    Can you help me upload the saved presets (saved on my Iphone) to a new pedal?
    Please? and Thank you.

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    Hey Deano,
    Thanks for posting.

    If you go into the Presets tab at the bottom of the app, you'll see the presets that you have on the VPDI under the Pedal section, and the presets on the phone under the Phone section.

    From here you can tap the three dots to the right of any preset to move that preset to the phone or pedal, or put the preset into a playlist. Playlists are extremely helpful for managing multiple presets at the same time. If you put your presets into a playlist, the playlist can be copied to the pedal to override all of the existing presets on the pedal.

    So, if you wanted to take two guitars to a gig, you could easily load a couple of presets into a playlist and copy that to the pedal for the night. If you wanted to use different instruments the next night, you would just load a different playlist into the pedal, and you're all set.

    Those are the basics, so if you have any more questions, just let me know.


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      Caleb Thank you.