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Voice % versus Voice level

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  • Voice % versus Voice level

    Perhaps I missed it somewhere... Can someone explain how the Voice Level (db) and Voice (%) interract?

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    The Voice % or Voiceprint Blend is the mix control between the pickup sound and the Voiceprint. The Voice Level sets the volume level of the Voiceprint.

    As an example, if your Voiceprint level is set too low, gradually blending in the Voiceprint will also drop the signal level. Ideally, you want to set the Voice Level so that you get an even volume level anywhere on the Voice %.


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      Thank you - makes sense.

      One more volume question... When I'm preparing to make a voiceprint, none of the green dots on the pickup meter register any signal. I use a soundboard transducer and it has a very hot signal when used directly. I use high quality cable from the guitar to the VPDI. I don't know why the VPDI is not showing signal in the meter. The input pad is all the way to the right (though that only applies to the phone mic, right?


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        The Pad only affects the guitar input, not the phone mic.

        What pickup do you have?


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          [What pickup do you have?]

          I'm using the JJB Prestige 330. When I press Bypass, it's plenty loud. So when I check levels on the app it doesn't show any signal and I have not attenuated the input using the pad.


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            As it is now, the unaltered Voiceprint is quieter than the bypassed sound. So you have to use the Voice Level to get that balanced. I would think that you should still be able to get a reading on the VU with that pickup though. I'm not concerned as long as you're able to get a good Voiceprint. It's still puzzling.