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Element to mic on VTC pickup

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  • Element to mic on VTC pickup

    I just installed the Lyric in my Martin D-18 and the sound is pure acoustic. I have a Gibson Hummingbird Pro with the LR Baggs Element VTC pickup and it's not pure acoustic. Wanted to see if this is even possible but would like to abandon the under saddle element and replace it with an LR Baggs mic but still run it thru the onboard preamp already on the guitar. Does this sound doable are am I asking for trouble? I'm handy and do my own set ups so getting it done is not an issue for me, just thinking I might be able to hear more of the acoustic when plugged in.


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    Hey gernn,
    The Element preamp doesn't provide the necessary power for an internal mic. If you want to install a mic, it would be best to change out the entire system with something like the Lyric is the Anthem.