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Align Series WAH PEDAL!?

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  • Align Series WAH PEDAL!?

    Hello Group!

    Do you think Baggs will ever put out an align series Wah pedal!?

    Do you think we need a special acoustic Wah pedal on the market?

    Do you use Wah for acoustic, and if so,
    What is your favorite Wah pedal for acoustic guitar?

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    Hey Dustin,
    Thanks for posting.

    I doubt that Baggs will ever do a dedicated acoustic Wah, but you never know. I can't think of what you'd necessarily want to do differently for an acoustic Wah that wouldn't be the same as an electric Wah.

    I honestly can't recall ever hearing anyone use Wah on acoustic before. I would think that you'd be in danger of causing pretty severe feedback in most live situations. That probably largely depends on the pickup though. A Wah would likely work much better with a magnetic pickup like the M1A.