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First Live Show - Pedal Sound Fading In and Out... no idea!

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  • First Live Show - Pedal Sound Fading In and Out... no idea!

    Hi All

    Thanks for the posts on here, been really helpful but I had a nightmare last night on my first live show using the Voiceprint DI.
    I play resonator ukulele mostly at the moment and have created various voiceprints over the last couple of weeks or so with no problems, it's great how this device captures the acoustic tone and enables me to get that fat pickup sound but with the pure acoustic tone too but adjust the VP level. Love it....

    So, had a small bar gig last night so took the DI along with 4 presets (even used a playlist!) to try it live.

    As I was sound checking the audio slowly faded out - kind of like someone was slowly fading the channel out. This was a direct DI from the Voiceprint intoa HK Nano 608i small PA. After 30 seconds the level was almost gone. I tried other presets and had the same issue, I changed guitar lead but same problem. I decided to reboot the VPDI and the sound came back on straight away.

    This happened a couple of times, as I started playing it happened again so I had to unplug and go direct to the HK Nano, luckily it was simple enough to alter levels as I switched instruments but the EQ wasn't ace. Tried again in the interval but same issue - the audio faded back in whilst I was testing in the break but weird.

    So, was unable to use it - not had this in the two weeks of intensive playing and testing. This was the first time with this PA but that's all good and never had an issue with it.
    I'm hoping I've done something stupid and your all currently laughing at me! - But it was odd and upsetting as I was so excited about the DI too...

    The only thing that had gone wrong earlier in the day was when I copied the playlist from my phone to the DI it crashed. Once I reset it copied the presets over again and all tested ok in the afternoon before we headed to the gig.

    So, any ideas?

    Gonna have a go at recreating the issue later tonight - if I do I'll try and record them so it makes more sense.
    Also - all up to date with the Firmware and all that too.

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    That's definitely not an issue I've seen before with the VPDI. I can't really think of what would cause that to happen either.

    Were you using the original power supply or something else?


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      Hi Caleb

      Thanks for the reply. It was weird, I’ve used a Venue DI for may years and never had an issue so doubt it’s a build quality thing.

      So last night I hooked into a small PA in my studio - a Roland BA330 with no issues at all. I ran it for a few hours and never experienced the issue.
      Tonight I’ve setup the same PA from the bar, including the same cables etc too - and it’s working fine so far too…. Grrr. Great news but kinda worrying as not sure what the issue was which makes live gigs a little tense, I have one on Tuesday and will take a backup plan in case but keen to try it out again.

      As for power, it came via Thomann in Germany to me in the UK so the enclosed power supply requires an adapter so I’ve used one of the few 9v pedal board adapters I have here, they all have the right voltage and power for the pedal as described in the manual and have worked fine in all my playing and testing. It’s on a pedal board but the only other item in the chain is via the FX loop, it’s a BOSS Fender Bassman pedal but not used much at all. Again all good on the testing, I also have a battery pack too and it works fine with that.

      So no clearer at this stage but good to know it’s nothing your aware of. I’ll keep trying this rig and hook in the vocal mic etc tomorrow and see if I can recreate. Or just chalk it up to a weird venue thing… could have been power on site maybe? No idea.




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        I was thinking that it could be a power issue, related to either the power supply or the venue itself. Hopefully, it was a weird issue with that venue and you won't have any further trouble.

        If you do have any further issues, keep me posted.


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          So had another show last night... I'd setup the rig as it was on the previous event for the week in my studio, tested it each day. Left it 'live' whilst doing other things and generally trying to recreate the issue I'd had to no avail. So that's a good thing. Created another voiceprint for a different instrument. All worked fine and sounded great. Tried two different power supplies as well - all with no problems.

          The show last night was 2 x 45 min sets. All went fine, sound was good, VPDI did the job, made a tweak via the phone app too. The first set had 2 patch changes and all work fine.
          The second set was all on the same Uke - and in one song it happened again. The sound faded out (5 second fade I reckon) then after about a minute (I was playing so couldn't do anything about it at the time) it faded back in. It then worked fine for the rest of the show... The power was cleaner at this venue and everything else worked fine that was connected.

          This is worrying, it was a small gig - intimate audience and I can blag my way out of it, I'd taken another DI as a backup too. However it did it again! Grrrr.

          Is it worth swapping the unit for another one? Could there be a fault? - Shouldn't have to have a plan B standing by. My worry is that for some of the larger shows we play this issue would kill the set as I'm not controlling the sound etc. and I'd like to get this sorted and trusted for those shows. I love the versatility but right now don't trust it.

          Any thoughts? - It was via Thomann in Germany, I could contact them or?

          Anyway, Merry Christmas Guys!


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            I think that it's worth trying to get that replaced with Thomman. This is not an issue I've seen before, so there is a chance it could be a problem with the DI. If you get a replacement and have the same issue, then it would be easier to troubleshoot your other gear. A replacement might be best for the immediate future though.


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              They've sorted it already - got a shipping label and good to go. So once it's replaced can I copy these Voiceprints from my phone app into the new pedal or should I start again?
              I've checked and used the other gear for years - that's the odd thing the only change is this pedal but it does seem odd, not like my other LR Baggs things so hopefully a new one will do the deed.



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                Glad to hear it!

                I think you should be able to copy your existing presets from the phone without any issues. The only preset-related issues I've seen so far have been addressed in an app update already.