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What else can I do to get a better live sound?

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  • What else can I do to get a better live sound?

    I have a good guitar with an LR Baggs anthem fitted. It sounds great when recording it direct but live through various small open mic PA systems it usually sounds harsh and thin.
    Live I mix the piezo with the mic about 50/50 depending on whatever sounds right on the night. There is never any time for sound checks , it’s always just plug in and go. I need to get more in control of my tone.
    I have tried using a compressor andvreverb pedal , but three times now they have cut out because some sound guy left phantom power on the channel . I just need to illiminate other people from my sound so I can roll up plug in and know it will sound great.

    So, what one or two easy things could I do to achieve that?

    thanks .

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    A good EQ is pretty high up on my list of things that I try to have available anytime I plug in. Getting a little more control over your signal, within arm's reach, is really a life-saver sometimes. For that application, I'd recommend the Align Equalizer or the Para DI, depending on which features you want.

    It may take a little bit of time to get used to using the controls, but it pays off immensely when you get a hold of it. The sound varies enough from one venue to the next, so having your own EQ to balance it is unbeatable.