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VPDI ADDA Direct Sound?

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  • VPDI ADDA Direct Sound?

    Of course the voiceprint is an ADDA, but when turning down the VP mix, is the direct sound also going through conversion. I don't care as I can muse a parallel mixer, but I want to know if I need to do so.

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    With 0% VP, the signal is still going through the digital processing for EQ, anti-FB, etc.

    If you want to bypass the digital processor, you can do that by hitting the Bypass in the app, or by long-pressing the Mute on the pedal.


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      I don't want to bypass, just mix direct sound in given I already use pretty amazing non-quacky pickups and use the VPDI to raise the authentic sound bar even further. I will continue to use a parallel mixer. Of note, there does not appear to be a phase issue when doing so.