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  • Voiceprint troubles

    Hi forum-

    I recently added my voiceprint to a pedalboard and gave everything a test run through my fender passport system. I seem to experiencing two issues, neither of which I am sure how to fix.

    The first issue involves the app/pedal. It seems like there is some sort of “disconnect,” as cycling through the VP’s in the pedal doesn’t seem to correspond with what shows up in the app. For example, the VP on the pedal itself won’t match what is indicated in app. Would it be best to clear them all out and start fresh?

    My other issue was experienced today when using the blend feature. Seemingly out of nowhere, 100% voiceprint in the blend resulted in nothing at all coming out of the speakers. Dialing back the voiceprint slowly increased the sound and then moved into pure pickup. Any idea what I might’ve done wrong here?

    I am working under the assumption that this is all user error, as I am still learning the nuances and trying to get the best voiceprint for my guitar. I am guessing I must’ve selected, altered, or adjusted something— I just don’t know what. Any advice or ideas about the would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hey Joeg5,
    Thanks for posting.

    It sounds like the first issue is just a bad connection between the app and pedal. I'd try turning the pedal off, force-closing the app and then starting everything up again. If that's not working, try resetting the Bluetooth connection using the following steps:

    Step 1) Reset the pedal connection.
    On the pedal, press and hold the Voice and Pad for three seconds. The display should say Bond, CLR, Pass. If the display doesn't say Pass, repeat step 1 or unplug the pedal power and repeat step 1.

    Step 2) Reset the phone connection.
    Go into your phone's Bluetooth settings (Settings> Bluetooth). Under "My Devices" find the VPDI and select the "I" icon, and then "Forget This Device".

    Step 3) Reconnect.
    Force-close the AcousticLive app and reopen it. Press and Hold the Voice button on the VPDI to get a new pairing code. Enter the new pairing code into the app for a fresh connection.

    Regarding the second issue, are you having the same issue with multiple Voiceprints? Or just one? I'd try making a new Voiceprint after resetting the connection to see if that issue persists. If you still have trouble, it might be a good idea to reset the pedal, reinstall the app, and start from scratch. You shouldn't have to get to that point, but resetting everything is an option if all else fails.