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How does the Voiceprint DI work with the M80 pickup?

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  • How does the Voiceprint DI work with the M80 pickup?

    I tried searching but "M80" is too short - is anyone using it with the M80 pickup today with good results? I have a K&K PW mini in another guitar and it was pretty good, but this was last summer when I tested it - I'll be happy to use advanced mode to spend some more time on the voiceprints...

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    Hey Dave,
    For me, this comes down to a matter of "feel". The Voiceprint tends to retain a lot of the "feel" of the pickup being used, so I generally recommend using a pickup that feels good to you as a player, and using that with the Voiceprint. Personally, I prefer the feel of a soundboard pickup (like the K&K) or an undersaddle pickup (like the Element or Anthem). The M80 can make some nice-sounding Voiceprints, but I'd only recommend it if you already prefer the feel of a magnetic pickup over other types of pickups.

    I think that the feel of any pickup is definitely more of a personal preference.


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      Hey Caleb - thanks, that makes total sense. I think you and I chatted when I first got the Voiceprint last year - good to see you here! I just ordered an M80 after seeing Matthew Perryman Jones play through one last night - wow! Also, it looks like you guys have added some new capabilities to the app which weren't there when I last tried the Vp so I'm eager to see if I can get better results now.

      Also, does the reCaptcha ever go away? What a pain!


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        Yeah, the app has some new, very helpful features. The VP EQ is especially helpful.


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          Originally posted by DaveNJ View Post
          Also, does the reCaptcha ever go away? What a pain!
          We've been getting a lot of spam posts lately, so it's a temporary step for additional security.


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            One of my guitars has an M80 -- and when i have the sound person has me dialed in correctly, i really like the way the VP interacts with the M80 pickup. it's just a taste thing, but I've found it very very "natural".


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              I have M80 pickups on both of my acoustic guitars and I’ve had great results with the voice print.