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Is the Voiceprint a preamp too?

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  • Is the Voiceprint a preamp too?

    Totally new to the Voiceprint. About to order one. Does it also function as a preamp? Will it boost the signal of my iBeam (which has a very weak signal)? Thanks.

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    Hey Exhead,
    I replied to your email a while ago, but I'll reply here too for future reference.

    The Voiceprint DI has about 24dB of level that can be added within the pedal, but it doesn't technically have a preamp in it. Functionally, this means that you can get a lot more volume from any pickup, but super low-output, high-impedance pickups can get noisy when set up this way. In these situations where noise becomes an issue, using a preamp or even just a buffered pedal in between the pickup and VPDI can help to better match the impedance and output of the pickup and allow the VPDI to bring up the level without adding a lot of noise.

    With something like the iBeam Active or the K&K, the VPDI should be able to handle the signal level just fine.

    I hope this helps.