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Effects loop and Align series pedals

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  • Effects loop and Align series pedals

    I'm building a pedalboard using the Align series pedals with my VPDI and was wondering what you would recommend for signal path, I currently have the Session and Equalizer (used only as a boost pedal) in front of the VPDI. In the effects loop I have Chorus > Delay > Reverb. I came up with this because have it in my mind that it's not a good idea to add gain stages in the effects loop as this could introduce distortion. One of the videos mentioned putting compression and saturation in the effects loop. Would you recommend putting the Session and / or Equalizer in the effects loop? What order? Any other thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd definitely run the EQ and Session in the FX Loop as well. In this case, any added gain shouldn't cause issues at all.

    Personally, I like to run the Session and then the EQ, but those are easily interchangeable depending on your preference.

    That's a pretty amazing setup. Is there a reason why you are using two tuners?


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      Thanks for the quick response, I will try putting everything in the effects loop. The top tuner is part of the Shure wireless receiver and it’s a decent tuner. I prefer the Peterson tuner though. It’s fast, accurate and has the Sweetened tuning. But the main reason is that if the wireless fails for any reason, I can plug into the Peterson directly with only one cord change. The things I miss most about not having the Venue pedal are the Tuner, Boost and simple notch filter. I’m trying to adapt to the VPDI and this is my solution. The new advanced features in the Acoustic Live app are huge. Thanks for all you guys are doing!


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        Also- I made the button extenders in 3 different lengths (short medium and tall) at my shop. I’ll send you some if you want. Makes it easier to get to the back row of switches.


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          That makes total sense! It's really a fantastic setup.

          Those knob extenders are awesome too! I should have figured that you made your own