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Noob Question, How are you monitoring your sound while developing you VP?

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  • Noob Question, How are you monitoring your sound while developing you VP?

    I have watched the demo videos, and few others, I assume people without headphones or in-ear, have some sort of PA in the room. The video sounds great, but it is direct, and the player is responding to what they are hearing.
    I do not have a PA my disposal. I have two things.
    1. a fender Vibroverb, a little concerned this is going to add a lot of it's own "color" to an acoustic tone.
    2. a scarlet interface, mac, studio monitors, and headphones.

    When I play through the monitors, it's not super loud, so I hear a considerable amount of my actual guitar in the room., Even when put on my headphones, unless I turn it up excessively, I can still hear my actual guitar.

    So, how are you all doing this?

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    I usually use an acoustic amp in the room, but I've used an interface with either headphones or small studio monitors before too. Headphones are nice if they can give you a little more isolation. I'd definitely recommend that over the Fender.


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      I have been meaning to get an acoustic amp for a while. I guess this is as a good of a reason as any.
      Thank you for the response.


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        I use a looper in front of the VPDI when tuning voiceprint/presets. I've actually recorded the direct output of all my instruments into slots in the looper, so that I can tune amps and pedals and whatnot from an audience position (usually at home, using studio monitors), and without being fooled by the acoustic portion hitting me.

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          That seems look a really good option. I need to borrow a looper and give this a try.