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Voiceprint for a double bass

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  • Voiceprint for a double bass

    Hi all,
    I’m trying to use the voiceprint di on a double bass, but haven’t had much luck creating a voiceprint which is usable - they all sound super boomy and turn the bass into a feedback monster. I’ve tried
    - standard voiceprint procedure with the mic placed as recommended.
    - mic placed on the g string side 8 inches away from the body
    - mic placed further away from the bass both pointing at and away from the body.

    Ive tried all the above methods using the guided procedure and the manual procedure.
    I’ve also tried with a zoom IQ6 xy mic which plugs directly into the iPhone.
    I’ve had the best results from putting the phone quite a distance away from the instrument but still far from ideal.
    The sound I think I’m after is my bass plus a bit of the room ambience.I’m pretty happy with pickup sound (its a knb piezo bridge pickup) but a little bit of room in the sound would be much better.

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    Hey Paul,
    Are you primarily putting the mic over the F-holes? If so, I'd try putting the mic so that it's centered over the bridge, maybe about a foot away. Anything I've ever done with a double bass has been extremely boomy unless the mic was over the bridge or pointed at the end of the fingerboard.


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      Hi Caleb. Thanks for the reply.
      That did indeed help. I close miced just above bridge - about halfway between the end of the fingerboard and the bridge and about 4 inches away from the strings. If I mix about 50% vp level and 60% voice that’s getting closer to what I was after. I’ll continue to experiment with different distances at this location on the bass, but I’m definitely making progress.


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        Awesome! If you find something that works better, let us know. I'm sure other people will be interested to see your findings.