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The Curious Incident of the Treble in the Night-Time

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  • The Curious Incident of the Treble in the Night-Time

    So I'm a recent Baggs convert. Now have an Anthem in a brand new Epiphone (inspired by Gibson) Hummingbird and a Voiceprint.

    Unlike others I am finding the overemphasis of the voiceprint capture is 9-20Kh treble. Everyone seems to find it's bass (some it's mids). My working theory is this: The guitar was set up from the shop with a complimentary PLEK and it's low and fantastic to play. But it does have that characteristic "sizzle" where the notes just touch the highest frets. It's quite a musical sound in the room and I hear it on a lot of records. I think that super high transient treble sizzle is "tricking" the capture process into thinking there is a lot more treble than there is. And it's alarmingly accurate, as in the voiceprint manages to heavily emphasize that slight "sizzle" into full blown buzz.

    The only way I've found to minimise it is a heavy use of the LPF.

    I get that I can EQ the voiceprint and direct signal separately but, unless I'm mistaken that's essentially the same thing - Don't get me wrong, it's a great feature for figuring out what the voiceprint EQ curve is doing more accurately. But it's all EQing the same fundamental signal in the end, right?

    So I'm wondering if in a future update we could get a RTA or graphic read out of the voiceprint’s EQ curve so if we think there is a frequency spike we aren't guessing in what we cut.

    Anyway, absolutely love the pedal and will try to solve this problem mechanically with some Thomastik Plectrum strings and, if absolutely necessary truss rod adjustment or fret sanding. It's just a shame because the sound doesn't come through the Anthem very noticeably on its own. But with even a 50/50 it accentuates that sizzle/buzz dramatically.

    Interested to hear conflicting ideas! Cheers.

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    Hey Andy,
    Thanks for posting.

    Where do you have the phone set when you are creating your Voiceprints? That can make a big difference in certain aspects of the tone quality.


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      Pointed at the 16th fret. I'm using an iPad. To be fair the buzz is going to be close to that. I've decided after another play I'm just going to sand down the top two frets. Better to remove than the problem than EQ it out really.


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        Sounds good!

        Let us know how it goes.