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    Got my Voiceprint about a week ago and have made some discoveries that may help some people with getting started (sorry if this is obvious for most of you but it could help other dim bulbs like me ). Background: Martin D-28 with Lyric running through a Boss Acoustic Singer Pro. When I made my first VP I was a little disappointed. I had a mid range honk that was really troubling. I created a half dozen more, trying both the standard and advanced VP methods, various phone placements and EQing both VP and main. Some results were improved but none were what I would call a game changer. This morning I decided trying a phone placement above the sound hole near the 18th fret. My thinking was, "If I want the VP to sound like what I hear, maybe the sample needs to come from somewhere closer to my ear". As you probably guessed, while you chuckled at my naivete, I found very little difference. But . . .

    I decided to make another change to my previous attempts. I had been starting my experiments with the Boss set nearly flat. My thought process being I don't want to "color" the VP with the amp's EQ from the outset. This, for me, proved to be a bone headed move. This morning I set the amp EQ

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    Sorry entire post didn't come through above: Set amp EQ as I would for live show (best I could get. Bingo! All the VPs I created sound good. A little tweaking and they're great. Airy highs and warm lows like the unplugged Martin. Can't wait to try this at a gig. Sorry if this is basic stuff, maybe it will help some other dummy like me .


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      Thanks for sharing! I'm sorry to hear that it took so much to get you up and running with a good sound, but I'm glad that you got there.

      Mic placement when making the VP's is a pretty crucial piece of the puzzle, and even going from 6"-8" to 10"-12" from the fretboard can make a massive difference in the VP's accuracy.

      Thanks again for sharing your experience.