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Gain Staging for FOH

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  • Gain Staging for FOH


    Is there anything I need to consider when running signal to FOH? I know there's a mic level output, but would there be any benefit to running the line level
    out into the line input of a mixer...wouldn't that negate the color of the mixer preamp? I only ask because anytime I've heard live recording of this's almost like I don't hear the VP at all despite having it set to 90%. I have no idea if it's a gain staging issue or what...I just don't feel like it's translating. Sounds just fine recorded into my DAW.

    There's also the possibility that the FOH person has no idea what they're doing. Any advice on this front would be appreciated!

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    It's really difficult to get a good live acoustic sound to translate to a good direct recording. Gain-staging likely wouldn't affect that as much as the settings on the board or the board itself.

    If I had to guess, I'd say that the EQ for the FOH is what's not translating as well to the recording. Most people who take a direct recording or stream from a FOH mixer take the raw feed from the stage and have a dedicated mix with completely different settings from the FOH.