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  • Preset for Expression System 2

    Hi - Is there a factory pre-set for Taylor's Expression System 2. My main interest in Voiceprint is helping to get better live sounds out of my 914ce - which I love the feel and non amplified sound from. Thanks! Looks like a cool product.

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    Hey Paul,
    The Voiceprint DI doesn't come with any presets for general guitars or pickups. Setting up a Voiceprint for your guitar and your pickup will allow the natural acoustic sound of your guitar to come through with whatever pickup you have. The Voiceprint only takes about 2 minutes to set up.

    We've done a number of tests with the ES and ES2, and the Voiceprint has really worked well so far.


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      Thanks, Caleb. I'll give it a try. Best of luck with this exciting new product.


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        The VPDI has made a remarkable difference with my Taylor 912ce 12 Fret with Expression System 2. It now sounds great plugged into the PA.


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          That is great to hear! Thanks for sharing!


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            I too love my 914 unplugged, but disliked the amplified sound...a lot. Without an ES2 preset there’s still a very powerful custom EQ. I found this to be perfect for dialing in a very pleasing amplified tone.