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Voiceprint + Align series

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  • Voiceprint + Align series

    I have the Align Series Sessions and Reverb pedal. I have been waiting to get the voiceprint or the Align series EQ. Has anyone tried connecting other pedals through the voiceprint? Specifically, any or all of the align series pedals? I would love to hear how they sound.

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    Hey Curt502,
    I've only used the VPDI with the Align Reverb so far. Honestly, I was so happy with the sound I got from the VP that I didn't even set up my other pedals. My playing with the reverb was in a testing situation so I didn't get to play with it too long. It sounded fantastic though.

    I ran it after the VPDI since I was going into another 1/4" input. If you want to use the XLR output on the VPDI, then you should put the effects in the FX Loop.