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  • Voiceprint + Align series

    I have the Align Series Sessions and Reverb pedal. I have been waiting to get the voiceprint or the Align series EQ. Has anyone tried connecting other pedals through the voiceprint? Specifically, any or all of the align series pedals? I would love to hear how they sound.

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    Hey Curt502,
    I've only used the VPDI with the Align Reverb so far. Honestly, I was so happy with the sound I got from the VP that I didn't even set up my other pedals. My playing with the reverb was in a testing situation so I didn't get to play with it too long. It sounded fantastic though.

    I ran it after the VPDI since I was going into another 1/4" input. If you want to use the XLR output on the VPDI, then you should put the effects in the FX Loop.


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      I am currently running the Align Session, JHS Colour Box, Strymon El Capistan, and Blue Sky in the effects loop. Sounds great! Really grateful for the VPDI! It has made a remarkable difference with my Taylor with the Exp. 2 pickup system.


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        I use the Align Sessions, Reverb and Chorus pedals with mine. Once you dial them all in correctly they sound amazing together. The VP EQ can then be adjusted to pair up for the room you’re performing in. All in all a game changer for my acoustic performances.