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  • Voiceprint with M80

    Hello there good people of the path to good acoustic sound comunity! I hope this message finds you well in these strange times.

    My question is about the voiceprint and IRs in general. I am wondering if the LR Baggs M80 pickup will work on the voiceprint. I am considering to buy a impulse response unit of some sort now. I already own a HX Stomp which I’m trying to use. Last night I made some of my own IRs with my Martins (D41s, Om21 and HD28v) with these mics (Neumann tlm47, AT4080, AT4081 and Rode nt5) using my m80 lr baggs picukp. The result wasn’t as great as I can hear on some of the YouTube videos where they have used piezo mics.

    So will the voiceprint make me better IRs of my guitar with the m80? Does it work better with this pickup?

    maybe I’m doing shit wrong of course and that I haven been able to get a good result, but I’m curious about the voiceprints ability

    I was using an UA610-Logic x-Mfreehandeq.

    Hope you all stay safe and make some great music♥️

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    Hey Robert,
    Thanks for posting.

    I've used some IRs on my HX Stomp, and I was able to get decent results at lower volumes, but any time I tried to take it out on stage, it never sounded right.

    With the Voiceprint, it's been a completely different situation. Every pickup I've plugged into it has been dramatically improved by the VP. You do retain some of the "texture" and "feel" qualities of the pickup, so it is important to use a pickup that you like when you make your VPs. If you like the M80 already, you should like it a lot more through the VPDI.