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Voiceprint and Session Signal Chain

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  • Voiceprint and Session Signal Chain

    I have the Venue and Session. Currently my signal chain is just going straight into session>delay>reverb>venue as my di.

    I am replacing the venue with the Voiceprint. I plan of just going straight into Voiceprint>delay>reverb>session as my di.

    OR i could go into the voiceprint and use it as my di and put the session, delay and reverb in the fx loop.

    I had always used the session as first in my chain. So im wondering how others use it as a post processing effect.
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    I would use the voiceprint as the DI and put the rest in the FX Loop. I would think you would want the session (compression and saturation) before delay and reverb.

    i have the Baggs session pedal and reverb and that is what I’ll be doing.


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      My signal chain this last weekend was VPDI->Delay->Reverb-> Ditto Looper-> Session DI. It sounded fantastic!


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        Caleb_Elling thanks for the feedback. Now i just need a looper. Im assuming youre using the session as your DI.
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          I did indeed.


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            What if you have the Align Session that does not have an XLR DI output? Would you recommend using the VPDI as the DI and put the rest in the loop? If so, would you put the Align session first or last? LOOP: Align Session-> Delay -> Reverb?


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              I tried it before and after the delay and reverb, and to be honest i dont here much of an audible difference. When i had the venue, i ran the session first and before the delay and reverb. Now, because i need to run the voiceprint first so now i have the session last, after all the effects and as my DI. If there is a difference, it is subtle. Now im using the session sort of a mastering effect; warmth and multiband compression that glue together my tone.
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                Thanks thirdie2002! Nice board!! Love the Taylor pick tin.


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                  I like the Session early on if I can make it work. So I would run the Align in the loop with the Session->delay-> reverb.


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                    Thanks Caleb! That’s how I will set it up. Waiting for the Session to arrive.


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                      I just got the gamut of LR baggs stuff for my new pedalboard, the VPDI, Mxr 6 band eq, align session, chorus, delay, reverb, tc helicon acoustic play for vox only… hoping to get your take on signal chain on this one. Also, In having difficulty dialing in “the” reverb sound with this pedal…seems like either too much or too little with no in between…any advice?

                      This was to replace my fishman aura spectrum
                      DI to Zoom Ax1 to Tc Helicon Acoustic play set up…but this current set up still sounds better…I don’t want to
                      give up on the VPDI, I love it, but it seems quieter,..also as a side note the aura sounds sort of like it has a reverb “effect” build in to the images which is pleasing….and I only use 30% w the aura and I can only get a usable tone with the VPDi at like 80%….is this normal? Any insight to this beginner of the VPDI would be greatly appreciated!
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                        Hey bluebook12,
                        That pedal order is exactly what I would do. I prefer the Session early on in the chain, but after the VPDI. The VPDI should always be first, or first after the tuner.

                        I haven't really had any issues finding a sweet spot with the Align Reverb, but reverb comes in many "shapes and sizes" for different preferences. Playing with the Reverb tone control is usually the most helpful for me to get the reverb to sit in the mix the way I want.

                        Lots of IR's are created with mics that capture some amount of room resonance as well as the guitar, so the slight reverb "effect" you're referring to is probably that. The Voiceprint is designed to minimize that response so that you don't introduce additional resonances, and the issues that come along with them, into the signal.

                        When you make a new Voiceprint, the preset itself usually comes out a little better than the bypass sound. So I recommend raising the VP Level in the app to make up the difference. If you do that, it also helps to maximize the signal-to-noise levels. Just be sure to save the preset after raising the VP Level so you don't have to adjust it all the time.

                        I hope this helps.