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    I run a violin which has a soundboard pickup transducer which sounds very good to begin with. was running it through a venue DI, sounded great, almost liked it better amplified through the venue than the acoustic sound. fatter, thicker.

    the voiceprint works great with the violin. sounds more like the acoustic violin. in a funny twist, I prefer the fatter sound though the venue . going to play around with fattening it up through the voiceprint EQ function.


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      Is voiceprint for violin necessary for aspiring musicians? I just decided to start learning to play the violin, and I would like to have everything I need.
      It is clear that in the first place, I bought a violin (my cousin advised me to take it on I used to think that to learn to play the violin, you need the instrument itself. Still, I increasingly began to see on the Internet posts where people offer various additions to the violin. Do I really need some violin accessories, or is that optional?
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        Originally posted by Tracey1 View Post
        Is voiceprint for violin necessary for aspiring musicians?
        I wouldn't say that it's necessary. It's very helpful for improving the plugged-in tone of the instrument, but if you're just getting started playing or playing plugged-in there are many other things to consider.

        If you want to improve the tone quality of your Violin pickup, the Voiceprint DI is a great way to do it.