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Battery power for Voiceprint

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  • Battery power for Voiceprint

    The power specs for the Voiceprint seem to be 9v 500ma. That's within the parameters of a 9v lithium battery. Has anyone attempted to run the voiceprint off of a battery modification? I don't want any AC outlets and power blocks onstage.

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    You should be able to get a 9V battery with the right specs to power a VPDI, but the battery itself will only last about an hour. It may also get pretty hot due to the high current draw.

    So it's possible, but I wouldn't rely on it for a professional gig.


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      Thanks for the quick response. I may try a different, small inverter approach. It will provide 150 watts and probably run the VPDI for days. For the small gigs we do, we have AC to the mixer and PA, but no AC up at the mics and front of stage.