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In UK buying VP from US

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  • In UK buying VP from US


    I am thinking about buying the Voiceprint from the US. Here in the UK the Voiceprint is still some months away from being available.

    Apart from the two pronged US plug which differs from a three pronged UK one, are there any other differences that I should be concerned with regarding the Voiceprint?



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    Hey Rodney,
    Thanks for posting.

    The power supply is the only difference. There is only one version of the pedal and of the app. If you have a 9V UK power supply with at least 500mA of power, you should be all set.


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      Hi Rodney,

      I'm in the UK too and emailed Baggs customer services a few days ago and they said the UK distributor had placed an order and they would be shipping in the next week or so. So maybe not too long to wait?


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        I live in the United Arab Emirates and we have the uk 3 pronged power socket. I bought mine from the US which has the two prong power supply provided. Just use an adapter it works fine.


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          Alright Chaps,

          Thanks for the replies. I ended up buying from MusicStoreLive in San Diego. The Voiceprint is currently in transit to the UK.

          I have some power adapters but I also bought a US to UK plug adapter.

          I will try the included power supply with the UK plug adapter first. My MXR isobrick will only do 450ma at 9v.

          For live performances I have a Volto 3 which should be OK. Only gonna run a Compressor, the VoicePrint and a Strymon Deco from it with 6200ma total available with up to 2000ma at anytime. Maybe 2hrs worth of power.




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            Hello again,

            Quick update as the Voiceprint has finally arrived here in the UK.

            The US power supply works with an adapter for UK plugs. I looked at the tiny print on the plug and it is rated between 100-240v so no worries about use in different countries other than the number of prongs.

            The VoicePrint itself is awesome once I got my EQ dialled in. Total game changer.

            Big Thank You to the LRBaggs team as well as the stateside retailer in San Diego who sold me the pedal.

            Kind Regards