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    Hi . I am new to the voiceprint . Can you please specify the exact difference between Mute and Bypass functions? And also the exact function of the following toggles:
    1. preset volume level
    2. vp level
    3. voice %

    Thank you

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    Hey Jadus,
    I replied to your email a little while ago. Here's what I said:

    The Mute is a master mute that stops all output from going through the Voiceprint DI. The Bypass turns off all of the VPDI's processing and gives you the sound of your pickup by itself.

    The Preset Volume allows you to set the volume level of your presets for the purpose of level-matching different instruments that you might save presets for.

    The VP level lets you set the volume of your Voiceprint against the volume of your pickup by itself. This can be helpful if you need to bypass the pedal or use the Voice blend.

    The Voice blend gives you between 0-100% of your Voiceprint. At 0%, you will just get the sound of your pickup on its own. At 100%, you will only get the Voiceprint, with no sound from the original pickup.

    I hope this helps.