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Presets, voiceprint and feedback analyzing

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  • Presets, voiceprint and feedback analyzing


    Just got my Voiceprint DI yesterday, and what I hear so far is good :-)

    I'm curious about some issues, or behaviour, though:
    • When I copy a preset from the pedal to the phone, the associated voiceprint is not copied with it...So it's a preset sans voiceprint. Is this how it's supposed to be...? OTOH, if I copy a preset to a PLAYLIST, the voiceprint is embedded in the preset.
    • As I edit presets, there seems to be new voiceprints being generated, with the exact same names. I only made one voiceprint, but the voiceprint tab now lists 4 voiceprints with the exact same name...What may the differences be between these, if any?
    • After creating a voiceprint, the preset shows "Feedback Analyzed", or something like that. I've made different presets from the same voiceprint (eq, level etc)...and now only one of the presets shows "Feedback Analyzed" in orange and the rest instead shows "Analyze Feedback". Does this mean that these presets no longer has any resonant frequencies associated/analyzed?
    Latest firmware and iPhone 6

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    Hey Guitarune,
    I am glad that you're enjoying the Voiceprint so far.

    I was able to reproduce the issue with the VP not staying with the preset when moved to the phone, and the Feedback information not being consistent. I haven't had any issues with multiple versions of a VP, but I will keep playing with it.

    Our app team has been notified of these concerns and they are going to be working on them. Thanks for bringing these to our attention.


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      Wonderful! Hoping for a quick fix :-)

      As with presets, I had problems renaming the voiceprint. The screenshot from my phone is with 4 versions of the same voiceprint. "Taylor t" was the last one I renamed, but instead it copied the voiceprint. The last two "Taylor 12" appeared later....for some reason.



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        Our team is working on it. Thanks again for bringing this up.


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          I have also encountered these issues. Thanks for posting them.