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Making Voiceprints with the Anthem SL

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  • Making Voiceprints with the Anthem SL

    Has anyone worked with creating Voiceprints with the Anthem SL and have any advice on how to do it? Also how does the sound compare when creating voiceprints using the regular Anthem?

    I have a Martin 000-15M that has taller bracing around the inside of the sound hole so the preamp for the regular Anthem is not able to mount flush to the underside of the soundboard. My understanding is that I can adjust the mic level using the included tool, but the mic and pickup blend is fixed at 70/30 and also filtered so that the mic picks up the mids and highs and the pickup the lows. Not sure how this affects the voiceprint as I'm still trying to decide if I should install the SL or another pickup due to the limitation of the controls.

    The reason why I ask is that I've been playing around with the VPDI with my Martin D-35 with a Fishman Ellipse Matrix blend. Because I am able to set it to pickup only, I've been noticing that the voiceprints don't seem to sound quite as warm and rounded if the mic is included in the blend when creating a voiceprint. I've only been playing with it for two days, but I think so far it sounds the best if I create the voiceprint only using the pickup, adjusting settings as best I can using the pickup only, then mixing in the mic at the end. Not sure if it's because it's Fishman, or how I am creating the voiceprints that I find it best to do it this way. My main style is fingerpicking so I'm also not using a pick when I go through the voiceprint creation process.

    Any voiceprint advice using the SL and guidance for pickups for my 000-15M are appreciated.
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    I'm using the Voiceprint with my SL, and I love it!

    I've been using the SL for around 8 years or so, and I've been really happy with the sound. So I was blown away when the Voiceprint DI actually made it sound even better. I haven't had any issues getting it to sound exactly like my J15. It's easily the best acoustic tone I've ever had.


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      Thank you Caleb. Sorry, I think I was updating my post when you answered.

      Have any of you tried to do voiceprints without using a pick and with a blended system like the SL? Interested if you have any results that could help me now and when I install the SL.
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        I usually make my Voiceprints with a pick, since I normally use a pick when I play. My VPs sound great with fingerpicking too though. The Voiceprint works great with the mic on the SL. I haven't had any issues with the Anthem, SL, or the Lyric.


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          Thank you Caleb for all the help.