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Lost a voiceprint.

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  • Lost a voiceprint.

    Hi all,
    I'm wondering if you can help me.
    I copied my favorite gigging VP so I could edit it for another guitar. It was feeding back with the new guitar so I did a feedback analysis which worked nicely for a minute or two but then all of a sudden 'Poof' I had no signal at all in that voiceprint. Just silence. So I went back to original and to my horror that had zero sound as well. I did it with a twelve string guitar which for some reason sounded amazing for my Martin Six string guitar and my newer cheaper Road series Martin.
    Thanks for any info on what might've happened, so I don't do it again. :)
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    Hmm maybe it's because I did the feedback analysis with a different guitar to the one I made the original VP with. Most likely confused the app.


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      Hey Kieran T,
      Thanks for posting.

      If you wouldn't mind trying something for me, open the "dead" preset and bypass each module one at a time. The module bypass is the little "pill" switch on the upper right side of the LEV, VP, FB, and EQ modules.

      If the preset is still dead, one of the modules could have crashed the preset.

      Let me know.


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        Thanks for your help Caleb. I tried bypassing each module but nothing worked. I can hear the bypassed signal but nothing when I flip it back on.
        I did notice this though. It's trying to use a double up of the VP (see screenshot), not sure how that happened. I tried to rename one but it renamed both so now I'm scared to delete 'one' in case they both disappear. (it seems renaming one did work after a while)

        edit: Actually I just noticed there's a third copy further down the list (same date and name) It's not trying to use all three at once only the first 2 but this one doesn't work either if I select it.

        ps. on another note, is there a way to save a custom EQ setting and then copy it to another VP?
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          Thanks for trying that. I'll review this with our engineers and see what we can come up with.

          As for the EQ, the only way to copy the same EQ to a different preset would be to clone that preset and then change the Voiceprint (or whatever other settings) that are used in the preset. There isn't currently any way to save EQ curves in the app.


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            Thank you mate, I appreciate it greatly.

            yes I thought that must be the case. Only trouble is cloning's what got me into this little predicament. :D