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External Microphone for VoicePrint: Expetiment

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  • External Microphone for VoicePrint: Expetiment

    Would it work?

    The idea is to use an iRig 2...


    ... and use it with an 2019 iPad (the simple version of it), that have the right plug for the iRig 2.

    The connection between the Microphones would be made with a Mixer (Touchmix 8), and I'd use one of the outputs of it into the iRig, so the iPad recognize the external microphones as the iPad microphone.

    I just wanted to test the external microphones to create VPs, since I have a few nice condenser microphones at home (KM184 and u87ai, both from Neumann).

    Thank you, guys!

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    Hey Rodrigo,
    That's definitely possible. I've done a few tests like that with good results.

    I ran a high-end tube mic into an audio interface connected to the phone. I also did some tests using a mixer with two mics running at the same time. The results were great.

    I think if I were going to do a lot of direct recording with the VPDI, I would definitely make some VPs that way. For live performance, I still like what I get with the phone mic.


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      I just wanted to say that I just got the VP!

      Made a VP using a 2019 iPad, and the results were nice. Then, I used my wife's iPhone 11, and the results were better.

      Then, I used two mics: u87 and KM184. The u87 sounded really full, but not in a way I'll be able to use live, probably.

      But, man... the KM184... what a AWESOME sound I got! I will definitelly make a video and post into my YouTube channel. People in Brazil need to know more about your stuff, guys.

      The LR Baggs Session DI was not needed. I used to abuse of the Comp EQ with the K&K only, but with the VP, I just don't needed. And the Saturation knob wasn't used that much (I used to set it only a hair... and I just felt like it was awesome without it... and it would be better to simplify the signal chain, since in Brazil we have a lot of electric problems, and everything can possibly make more noise into the equation).

      My next step will be to get myself a LR Baggs Align Reverb, then I'm done.

      Thank you, guys!