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  • Benzflieger
    I just used an Lewitt LCT 140 Air with my cello and then a DPA 4099 with my violin. I used the advanced VP training option and used an older Presonus usb audio interface with my iPhone attached. After some FB training (on the cello) and EQ (on both) I am getting some very promising results.

    As far as training, I basically played a 3 octave scale and arpeggio that spanned all 4 strings. Nothing more. I have tried legato bowing on the scale and detache bowing on the arpeggio. Haven’t figured out how the bowing technique specifically affects the resulting VP. Just thought both should be sampled.

    Definitely need the FB training for the cello to reducing “boominess” not sure it has too much of an effect on my violin

    At first I tried my classic Fishman V-200 wing insert pickup but had very brittle/grating results on the violin. I had much better results when I swapped the Fishman for a Realist copperhead (underbridge) pickup.

    I’m using a Wilson C2 pickup with the elements installed halfway the the legs of my Belgian style cello bridge.

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  • Caleb_Elling
    Hey Guitarune,
    I would recommend using the Advanced Voiceprint option in the app: [url][/url]

    If you go that route, you can use whatever method of playing you want to make your Voiceprint. If you set up the phone's mic like you would for a recording, you should be able to capture bowing, plucking, or whatever else you want to do for the Voiceprint. If you just want to bow, you can do that too. The advanced option doesn't limit you to the normal steps so that instruments like the Violin aren't tied to the same rules for Voiceprint creation.

    You can also check out these videos for some more info on getting a good sound from the Violin/VPDI.



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  • Guitarune
    started a topic Voiceprint for violin

    Voiceprint for violin

    I don't have a violin myself, but I'm curious how one should go about creating a voiceprint for one. Does the VPDI expect plucking? Or does some of the stages need percussive type approach? Or should one just use a bow after the initial tapping?

    I also work as an audio engineer, and there has been a couple of occasions lately where it would have been nice to voiceprint a fiddle. However there's seldom time to experiment, so I'd like to have an idea of what I'm doing when attacking someone else's violin :-D