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Using Carlos Sensor and Voiceprint

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  • Using Carlos Sensor and Voiceprint

    Researched the forum and did not see a listing for the Carlos Sensor pick up being used with the Voiceprint device. Does this work?

    I am using the Carlos Sensor because it is a very natural sounding pick up for my gypsy jazz guitar (Dupont MDC 50). These guitars are notoriously difficult to amplify. So far, the Sensor sounds best for me in concert in that it sounds like my guitar, and it is especially feedback tolerant.

    I currently have a Venue DI on order, but I began reading about the Voiceprint shortly there after. While I am looking for the most faithful reproduction of my gypsy jazz guitar through my Schertler David amp, I am not looking for numerous presets. I chose the Venue DI because I basically want a lot of control over the signal into the amplifier. I especially want the boost option of the pedal, but the on board tuner is an extra bonus.

    Previous forum entries appear to indicate that there is not much sense in owning both the Venue DI and Voiceprint. I guess I’m complaining that the functions are not combined into one pedal, or at least the Voiceprint does not seem to have an ability to click on a boost when needed.

    Sidebar question: for the Venue DI, does the boost function boost the signal through the XLR? Related question: my amplifier has the ability to accept XLR or guitar chord inputs. Is it better to use the XLR or the guitar cord input from either the Venue or from the Voiceprint into my amp if the amp is equipped to accept it?

    I put this in the Voiceprint forum because I am seriously considering the device. But I am making the comparison to the Venue because it has so many features that I want, and I already have a very good sounding pick up. I’d appreciate your advice.

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    If you make constant eq adjustments while on stage then the venue might be better for you because you will have access to all the knobs. You will need the phone to make eq ajustments in the voiceprint.

    The voiceprint does have a more powerful eq and you have that added benefit of mixing in the voiceprint signal which really makes the guitar alive in my opinion compared to just having the pickup signal. Adding the voiceprint signal gives even great sounding pickups more dimension to the sound.

    The only thing the voiceprint doesnt have is a tuner. You can use the preset function as a makeshift boost. You can make a playlist (setlist) with two different volume presets and you can switch between these two presets with the next footswitch on the voiceprint.

    As for your sidebar question, the boost affects both the xlr and the line out jack. Line out jack is usually for the acoustic amp or other effects pedals while the xlr is for when you want to connect it to a board of a PA system.