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Renaming Voiceprints

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  • Renaming Voiceprints

    Hi there,
    I'm loving the pedal and app so far! I am however having an issue changing the name of a Voiceprint in the app. When I click the 3 dots and rename, I am able to enter a new name and notes for the Voiceprint, but when I hit "Save" nothing has changed on the Voiceprint name.

    Is this perhaps occurring because the Voiceprint is already incorporated into a preset?


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    Hey Jason,
    You should be able to rename your Voiceprints and your presets without any issues. If you rename a Voiceprint that is being used in different presets, the VP name should change across all of those presets.

    I will have to look into this and see if I can replicate what you're experiencing.


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      Yeah...having issues with renaming voiceprints here too. Some times it won't, some times it will. Some times it seems to just be duplicated...or reappear with the old name later. Not keeping an exact track of the behaviour, but renaming is not working well.

      iPhone 6.


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        I was able to reproduce this issue in front of one of our engineers. They are on it!

        Hopefully, we'll get a fix soon.